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This property evaluator is the result of several years of experience and research on the subject. Fill in the form, enter the information and the property value appears!

As well as information concerning the property, the estimate takes into account the economic situation, a regional indicator and residence taxes for the specific area.

All this different information is constantly updated, which makes this a benchmark software for property evaluation. It is regularly used by numerous actors in the property sector.

Be as realistic as possible to avoid distorting the result.
Insert the first few characters and select from the dropdown below.
House and apartment: from the lounge/balcony/terrace; Plot: from the future terrace
House: from the lounge/balcony/terrace; Apartment: location according to plan; Plot: from the future terrace
Nuisances and inconveniences with the exception of noise (already included under Environment). Example: nightlife (noise, traffic), odours (pigsty, factory, treatment plant), area with a bad reputation, industrial or commercial zone (noise, traffic, smoke, view), electricity line, flooding, landslide, apartment block with no lift and/or private parking space, ceiling height of less than 2.4 m, large plot, far from the town centre (hamlet), etc.
Room without window greater than 7 m2: half room, kitchen = 0 room, hall/access corridor greater than 7 m2 = half room, etc. (example: 4 rooms and a half = 4.5)
The net surface area is the total of usable internal areas (official area). In particular this includes: fireplaces, entrances and corridors, removable partitions and internal stairs. The following are specifically excluded: external walls, internal partition walls, chimney flues, terraces and balconies, attics, cellars, and parts of rooms whose height is less than 1.2 m. This definition corresponds roughly (except chimneys) to the definition of a habitable area according to standard SIA 416.
Surface indicated on the "Biens-fonds" property register extract under building(s)
Surface indicated on the "Bien-fonds" property register extract under surface
Garden / terrace: attention - the surface of the garden may negatively influence the value of the estimate if the garden is disproportionate in relation to the surface of the housing.
Attic: building with a flat roof. Habitable part of the housing smaller than the base of the building (remaining part: terrace).
Freehold (condominium)
Belonging to the owner
Volume indicated on the "Building" insurance policy under volume
Volumes other than the accommodation, uninhabitable (gross volume), such as: outbuilding, garage, barn, store, cellar, garret, etc. Volume indicated on the "Building" insurance policy under volume.
Building regulations
According to building regulations (which increase the land’s value).
Your estimate
OPTIONAL: write the estimated price for your property below. Depending on the amount, it will be automatically analysed to check the accuracy of your details. If the difference is too great you will be contacted by one of our employees. Thank you.
We have made the calculation based on the information you provided. This is for guidance only. Daniel Carrard, entreprise individuelle, accepts no liability (neither express nor tacit) for the accuracy of the price analysis. Daniel Carrard, entreprise individuelle, accepts no liability for the consequences, in particular for losses, which might ensue from use or non-use of the estimates. Daniel Carrard, entreprise individuelle, also gives absolutely no assurances that the suggested price will be achieved.
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